Advisory Services

We have been focused exclusively on bringing semantic technology and knowledge graphs to corporations for 18 years. There are many interventions where we can provide distilled, specific guidance on issues related to adopting these technologies.

We do these on a project by project basis. Our rates are higher for advisory services, partly to recognize the concentration of added value, and partly to recognize the inherent inefficiencies of start / stop / wait nature of small projects.

Some of the types of projects we provide under the advisory services banner:

  • Training, including our flagship course “Designing and Building Business Ontologies”
  • Workshops – we can help you tackle a particular thorny issue you’re grappling with
  • Assessments – we can review projects in progress, or your overall maturity and state of your systems
  • Strategic Information Systems Planning – we can help set a vision for your future systems, estimate projects to get there and prioritize them from your input
  • Application system design – while we strongly advocate the data-centric approach we understand that sometimes a tactical application system is needed. Our knowledge of what is possible semantically, means that our designs are typically an order of magnitude simpler and will be correspondingly cheaper to implement
  • Functional Prototypes – we can build a fully functioning prototype of a proposed systems for a small fraction of the proposed systems price tag, which will allow you to work out complex design issues before (or in parallel with) a major project commitment
  • Product selection or evaluation (primarily in technologies that touch the semantic technology stack somewhere)

Also if you have a larger project that is being executed by one of our partner firms, we will typically participate through our advisory services arrangements.

If you would like to learn a bit more about our advisory services practice, or have questions about a specific initiative, feel free to drop a line, by clicking the Contact button at the top of the screen.