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We take a data-centric approach to help organizations transition to a newly emerging paradigm of information systems based on flexible data structures and deep semantics. We have performed over 50 data-centric transformation & advisory projects in the last five years.

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For those who are ready to commit to the data-centric future.

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If you're on the path, but don't yet have the commitment.

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Information Systems, Reimagined

Information systems consultants, specializing in helping large firms apply semantic technology to dramatically simplify their their systems.

gist 10.x

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gist is our minimalist upper ontology. It is designed to have the maximum coverage of typical business ontology concepts with the fewest number of primitives and the least amount of ambiguity. Our gist ontology is free (as in free speech and free beer--it is covered under the Creative Commons 3.0 attribution share-alike license). You can use as you see fit for any purpose, just give us attribution.

data-centric upper level ontology