An Ontologist is the primary developer of the ontology. Typically one Ontologist will take on a sub domain of the overall ontology project, and will work with existing design artifacts and subject matter experts to convert models to formal semantic expressions. Fluency in OWL2, RDF, SPARQL, and the ability to program against triplestores and/or knowledge graphs preferred.


Our team is seeking a full-time Taxonomy Consultant who has the potential to become an Ontologist. In the wild (most enterprises) taxonomists do not become ontologists. This is partially aptitude and partially lack of a career path. We have a dozen ontologists, and over 50 recent ontology projects. We know what aptitude someone needs to succeed as an ontologist. We also have projects that would benefit in the short term from taxonomy guidance. We are looking for someone who has the itch to become an ontologist that isn’t being scratched in their current situation. We will be interviewing partially on your experience as a taxonomist and partially on your aptitude to become an ontologist.