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Estes Park Group

Monthly | Virtual

Semantic Arts' Estes Park Group is a monthly online presentation and discussion forum on knowledge graph and data-centric architecture (DCA) trends. SA President Dave McComb first brought the Group together in person in 2017 for a weekend retreat in Estes Park, Colorado, thus the name.

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gist Council

First Thursday of the Month | Virtual

We have an active governance and best practices community around gist, called the gist Council.

Practitioners and users of gist come together to discuss how to use gist and make suggestions on its evolution.

If you would like to be involved, enter your email and a description of your use of or interest in gist in the box to the right. Someone will be in touch soon.

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Events Semantic Arts is Attending

Graph Day Seattle

Seattle, WA | Sept. 22, 2022

Presentation by Michael Uschold: Change Management in Knowledge Graph Deployments

Are you afraid to make a change in your ontology or knowledge graph because you have no idea what might break? You are not alone. In this talk we describe the scope of this challenge in the context of deployed enterprise applications and the progress we have made with our clients to date.  

How can you get a clear view of what did change? How do you find all the impacted SPARQL  and TARQL and other code that drives application functionality and data pipelines?  How do you track what versions of what artifacts (such as ontologies, taxonomies and datasets) depend on what versions of what other artifacts, and how do you update those dependencies when changes happen?  We lay out a broad vision where much of the change management is automated. We describe the current state of the art, illustrating with examples from our client work and where we are going next.

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