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4th Annual Data-Centric Architecture Forum

2022 Dates TBA

The Data-Centric Architecture Forum is an annual conference hosted by Semantic Arts. The forum has created a data-centric community that consists of a collaborative space for practitioners who are interested in helping shape the nascent Data-centric Revolution. This revolution recognizes that the predominant approach to implementing enterprise applications (the “application-centric” approach) is badly broken.

We use this platform to explore what works and what doesn't and we invite vendors that have key parts of the puzzle. The format of the conference is highly interactive; riveting discussions with much input from the audience and short vendor demos.

Events Semantic Arts is Attending

Enterprise Intelligence for Innovators: Dave McComb Interview

Release date TBD

Enterprise Intelligence for Innovators is hosted by Shinydocs Founder and CEO Jason Cassidy. It's an ongoing video series that talks to industry experts, global thought leaders, seasoned consultants and everyday experts about how they're tackling their information challenges and embracing digital transformation.

Data Modeling Zone: Europe 2021

18-19 November 2021 | 9h00-17h30 CET

The Key to Data-Centricity: Aligning Ontologies, Taxonomies, and Schema

Speaker: Dave McComb

In this talk we’ll explain how the single, simple, extensible and federate-able ontology becomes the key to unifying the vast complexity of the typical enterprise data-scape.

Speaker: Dave McComb | Topic: TBD

Join us for a full day of cutting-edge conversations, presentations and panels with technical experts and creative problem solvers who are harnessing the momentum of digital transformation to move communities forward using tech and beyond!


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