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Semantic Boot Camp

Jan 23 & 24 | Virtual

Back by popular demand!

Join us for two 1/2 day sessions on January 23 and 24 from 8-12 (mountain).

Taught by Phil Blackwood, receive an introduction to knowledge graphs, along with hands-on exercises and interactive Q&A sessions. The class will finish with discussion on how to start a data-centric pilot and the value in a "Thing Big/Start Small" methodology.

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2023 Enterprise Data Transformation Symposium: Realizing the Power of Semantic Knowledge Graphs

February 6-7, 2023 | Virtual

Building on the success of last year’s virtual symposium, join us as we hear from the “doers”, those who have committed to the journey in changing how information can be leveraged as a strategic asset.

This year’s symposium will gather like-minded professionals to share those challenges and triumphs in getting there. So, we’ll be surfacing organizational stories (case studies) that uncover key findings and in-depth lessons learned from those on a data-centric journey. It will highlight implemented solutions and accomplishments during the course changes associated with a data-centric journey.

Regardless of where you are; the talents, skills, processes, systems, and the implied roles data unification previously played in your company’s success will be changing. Future product development, customer growth, retention, and innovation will rely on refining information management architecture concepts. Manufacturing, pharmacy, healthcare, financial, and in fact, every industry will be illustrating implementation solutions to breakdown system silos during the DCA Symposium. This is not about technology but a mindset shift. Spoiler alert – Data Centric thinking accelerates enterprise transformation.

Hosted virtually February 6th & 7th

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5th Annual Data-Centric Architecture Forum

Fort Collins, Colorado | June 5-7, 2023

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Upcoming Workshops

Data-Centric Tutorial

Thursday, March 30th | Virtual

Presented by Peter Winstanley, PhD, Justin Dowdy, and Heather Moore

Estes Park Group

First Thursday of each Month | Virtual

Semantic Arts' Estes Park Group is a monthly online presentation and discussion forum on knowledge graph and data-centric architecture (DCA) trends. SA President Dave McComb first brought the Group together in person in 2017 for a weekend retreat in Estes Park, Colorado, thus the name.

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gist Council

First Thursday of each Month | Virtual

We have an active governance and best practices community around gist, called the gist Council.

Practitioners and users of gist come together to discuss how to use gist and make suggestions on its evolution.

If you would like to be involved, enter your email and a description of your use of or interest in gist in the box to the right. Someone will be in touch soon.

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Events Semantic Arts is Attending

Data Days Texas

Austin, TX | January 28, 2023

Presentation by Dave McComb: Data Integration Session on "Zero Copy Integration"

The reason we need to talk about zero copy integration is that its opposite is so well entrenched that most practitioners can’t imagine a world without some form of extract, transform and load, or system integration copy and manipulate through APIs. The traditional enterprise data landscape in an almost endless set of pipelines, data sets and chutes and ladders that ferry data from its source to myriad destinations. This seems necessary, because each application we use and each tool we employ has its own bespoke way of structuring data. Each application ends up morphing the prior application’s idiosyncrasies into its own idiosyncrasies. In this talk we unpack the prerequisites needed to achieve Data-centricity and zero copy integration. We will present two case studies of firms that are enjoying zero copy integration. We will also present a simple demonstration, to make the idea more concrete.

Presentation by Michael Uschold: Ontology for Data Scientists Workshop

We start with an interactive discussion to identify what are the main things that data scientists do and why and what some key challenges are. We give a brief overview of ontology and semantic technology with the goal of identifying how and where it may be useful for data scientists.
The main part of the tutorial is to give a deeper understanding of what ontologies are and how they are used. This technology grew out of core AI research in the 70s and 80s. It was formalized and standardized in the 00s by the W3C under the rubric of the Semantic Web. We introduce the following foundational concepts for building an ontology in OWL, the W3C standard language for representing ontologies.

Enterprise Data World Digital 2023

March 27-31, 2023 | Virtual

Details coming soon!

For more information on last year's conference and presenters, visit: Enterprise Data World Conference (



[Ontology Summit] 2023 Basic Formal Ontology Summit Meeting

May 23 - 25, 2023

Buffalo, New York

More information, and the level of Semantic Arts involvement, coming soon!


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