For 15 years we’ve been helping large enterprises understand what the information in their so-called information systems actually means (semantics) and how to incorporate that into their future systems (enterprise architecture).

But we’ve recently become aware that what we’ve been doing is part of a much bigger arc: it is inevitable that large enterprises will have to radically rethink the way they implement information technology. We’re not talking about some of the short term fads and capabilities, like cloud and big data that while they are important parts of the picture, are not the paradigm change we’re poised in front of.

We believe that the industry is ready to move to a data centric approach to implementing information systems. We are already at the forefront of this movement and would like to help as many firms as possible make the transition. To that end, we have repackaged our offerings to emphasize this.

Data-Centric Transformation

For those who are ready to commit to the data-centric future.

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Agile Enterprise Ontology

If you're on the path, but don't yet have the commitment.

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Everything Else

For those who needs are more traditional consulting & analysis.

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