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Representing passionate consultants in semantic modeling and 'best of breed' commercial implementation, Semantic Arts delivers experts in guiding organizations in next generation architecture.  We simplify companies' enterprise and domain data-scapes to make them more (FAIR) findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable.  Our methodology, tools and W3C standards make this approach predictable and repeatable.

Read a sneak peek from "The Data Centric Revolution" on What is Data-Centric?  

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Check out "Software Wasteland" by Dave McComb!



Check out "The Data-Centric Revolution" by Dave McComb!


The Data-Centric Manifesto

Data-centric is a major departure from the current application-centric approach to systems development and management. Migration to the data-centric approach will not happen by itself. It needs champions. If you’re ready to consider the possibility that systems could be more than an order of magnitude cheaper and more flexible, then become a signatory.

Semantic Arts continues to promote the data-centric Revolution

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Our bread and butter - helping organizations along their journey to a data-centric future. Problems We Solve

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