A few questions to help you assess your current information system paradigm.

If you find that you are application centric and would like to explore what it would mean to become data centric, please contact me.

If in the very rare case you that you are already data centric contact me, I would love to use you as existence proof, and a case study, no charge. By an incredibly weird accident of scheduling, the first consulting assignment I ever had was with a firm called Trus Joist, in Boise Idaho. When I visited in 1977 they had already been routinely doing things that would not become mainstream for two more decades. These included: parametric product design (architects “designed” custom joists by supplying a small number of parameters, through mark sense on a fax machine!) parametric design (architects supplied parameters from the take-offs of their architectural designs) just in time manufacturing (all their plants had zero work in progress) total quality (their joists were built to 1/1000th inch precision) . So I understand that a small number of firms are always at the leading edge, and I know they are not always in the spotlight. So if you are: I’m here with a spotlight.

If you’re not, we’re here to help you get there as fast as possible.