Previous Versions

Previous versions of gist will remain available in the list below.

gist is distributed under the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution-ShareAlike license, which only requires that you attribute the source ( when you use it. In addition, we require that any gist concepts remain in the gist namespace (, and that you not define your own terms within the gist namespace.

TitleOwnerCategoryLast Updated
gist 11.1.0gist10/7/2022
gist 11.0.0gist4/11/2022
gist 10.0.0gist9/14/2021
gist 9.7.0gist5/3/2021
gist 9.6.0gist3/1/2021
gist 9.5.0gist12/07/2020
gist 9.4.0gist09/08/2020
gist 9.3.0gist07/02/2020
gist 9.2.0gist05/01/2020
gist 9.1.0gist03/02/2020
gist 9.0.0gist04/26/2019
gist 8.0.0gist05/04/2018
gist 7.5.2Davegist05/19/2017
gist 7.3Davegist09/23/2016
gist 7.2Davegist07/21/2015
gist 7.1.1Davegist01/09/2015
gist 7.1Davegist10/22/2014
gist 7.0Davegist04/10/2014
gist APR 2013 (gist 6.7.1)Davegist04/27/2013
gist FEB 2013 (gist 6.7)Davegist02/13/2013
gist DEC 2012 (gist 6.6.1)Davegist12/07/2012
gist OCT 2012 (gist 6.6)Davegist10/19/2012
gist NOV 2011 (gist 6.2)Davegist11/12/2011
gist JUN 2011 (gist 6.1)Davegist06/07/2011
gist MAY 2011 (gist 6.0)Davegist05/09/2011
gist OCT 2010Davegist10/22/2010
gist AUG 2010Davegist07/07/2010
gist JUN 2010Davegist06/14/2010
gist APR 2010Davegist04/07/2010
gist OCT 2009Davegist10/22/2009
gist SEP 2009*Davegist09/21/2009
gist JUN 2009*Davegist07/20/2009
gist FEB 2009Davegist02/03/2009

Other Documentation

TitleOwnerCategoryLast Updated
gist JUN 2011DaveVisio6/7/2011
gist MAY 2011DaveVisio5/9/2011
gist OCT 2010DaveVisio10/22/2010
gist AUG 2010DaveVisio7/7/2010
SemTech 2010 IntroDave6/30/2010
Large Visio diagram**DaveVisio6/14/2010
gist Placemat***DaveVisio4/7/2010
standalone UOM Jul 2009DaveUOM10/23/2009
standalone UOM Aug 11 2009DaveUOM10/23/2009

** This is a large (30" x 40") Visio diagram suitable for hanging, and has all the formal definitions and comments that describe each concept. If you have our e6tOWL Tool (described here), you can generate the OWL directly from this diagram; otherwise, you can use it for documentation. Click here for a .pdf version of the full-sized diagram.*** This is a smaller (11" x 17") "placemat" that includes only the names of the concepts. We find it is useful once you know what all the concepts are and you only need to remember the names.