Debugging Enterprise Ontologies

I gave a talk at the International Workshop on Completing and Debugging the Semantic Web held in Crete on May 30, 2016.   There is a paper and a talk available.  Here is the abstract:


Title: Finding and Avoiding Bugs in Enterprise Ontologies

Abstract: We report on ten years of experience building enterprise ontologies for commercial clients. We describe key properties that an enterprise ontology should have, and illustrate them with many real world examples. They are: correctness, understandability, usability, and completeness. We give tips and guidelines for how best to use inference and explanations to identify and track down problems. We describe a variety of techniques that catch bugs that an inference engine will not find, at least not on its own. We describe the importance of populating the ontology with data to drive out more bugs. We point out some common ontology design practices in the community that lead to bugs in ontologies and in downstream semantic web applications based on the ontologies. These include proliferation of namespaces, proliferation of properties and inappropriate use of domain and range. We recommend doing things differently to prevent bugs from arising.


Click here to download the white paper.

Click here to download the presentation.

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