World Minerals (Now Imerys Filtration Minerals)

ERP Conversion Feasibility

World Minerals is the largest producer of diatomaceous earth, and a major producer of several other industrial materials. The infrastructure upon which their internally developed ERP system was based had become obsolete. (This included pretty much the whole stack: DEC VAX operating system, Alpha chips, the Rdb database, Cobol and green screens.)

They were contemplating implementing a packaged system when they contacted us. After a great deal of research we concluded:

  • Because their current systems had some very complex built-in requirements that no ERP package supported, a package system would require a great deal of customization and extension.
  • An automated conversion to a modern architecture would be feasible, more cost effective and less disruptive.

They opted to go the conversion route. They contracted with an implementation firm who did a partially automated conversion, but who did come in close to our estimate, and they have been using their converted systems since.

“Dave McComb is brilliant, easy to work with and delivers what he promises.”

-Bob Blewis
IT General Manager
World Minerals, Inc.