Washington Department of Labor & Industries

Long-Range Systems Plan

Our first project with Labor & Industries started as an investigation of what dependencies their many applications had on technology that might become technically obsolete, thereby putting them at risk.

We did this, and developed a high-level conceptual model, “as-is” architecture and a detailed dependency diagram that revealed many deep and subtle risks to their system.

We were then retained to construct their long-range systems vision and strategic plan. This was the first time we had built an information system plan with a ten-year duration, but this was what was appropriate. They have been working toward this plan, with adjustments as things change, ever since.

“Semantic Arts were crucial to helping us define and stick to our Service Oriented Architecture plan and implementation. They have been pleasure a to work with; and always had our interests and capability foremost in their minds. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending them for any task, particularly those that are design intensive.”

Shelagh Taylor
Deputy Director [CIO]
Washington State Department of Labor & Industries