Washington Department of Labor & Industries

Redesigning Locations and Entity Identification

We were retained to help with this two pronged project. One prong was to create a feasibility study to determine whether collecting additional data from employers would aid in targeting workplace safety inspections.

The other half of the project was to do a high-level redesign and feasibility study on how they were tracking addresses and business locations in their many applications. It turned out that there were nearly 100 different places in applications where location and address were being maintained. This was a major issue as they were embarking on an initiative to provide customer self-service to many functions. The multitude of end points for potential address change was daunting.

Through an ontological design, we first helped them clarify the differences between a work location, a work site and an address. We also created a high level design that accommodated the many different needs for addresses and locations without being overly burdensome.