What will we talk about at the Data-Centric Conference?

“The knowledge graph is the only currently implementable and sustainable way for businesses to move to the higher level of integration needed to make data truly useful for a business.”

data-centric conferenceYou may be wondering what some of our Data-Centric Conference panel topics will actually look like, what the discussion will entail. This article from Forbes is an interesting take on knowledge graphs and is just the kind of thing we’ll be discussing at the Data-Centric Conference.

When we ask Siri, Alexa or Google Home a question, we often get alarmingly relevant answers. Why? And more importantly, why don’t we get the same quality of answers and smooth experience in our businesses where the stakes are so much higher?

The answer is that these services are all powered by extensive knowledge graphs that allow the questions to be mapped to an organized set of information that can often provide the answer we want.

Is it impossible for anyone but the big tech companies to organize information and deliver a pleasing experience? In my view, the answer is no. The technology to collect and integrate data so we can know more about our businesses is being delivered in different ways by a number of products. Only a few use constructs similar to a knowledge graph.

But one company I have been studying this year, Cambridge Semantics, stands out because it is focused primarily on solving the problems related to creating knowledge graphs that work in businesses. Cambridge Semantics technology is powered by AnzoGraph, its highly scalable graph database, and uses semantic standards, but the most interesting thing to me is how the company has assembled all the elements needed to create a knowledge graph factory.  Because in business we are going to need many knowledge graphs that can be maintained and evolved in an orderly manner.

Read more here: Is The Enterprise Knowledge Graph Finally Going To Make All Data Usable?

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