The Data-Centric Revolution

This is the first of a regular series of columns from Dave McComb. Dave’s column, The Data-Centric Revolution, will appear every quarter. Please join in welcoming Dave to these pages and stop by often to see what he has to say.

We are in the early stages of what we believe will be a very long and gradual transition of corporate and government information systems. As the transition gets underway, many multi-The Data-Centric Revolutionbillion dollar industries will be radically disrupted. Unlike many other disruptions, the revenues currently flowing to information systems companies will not merely be allocated to newer more nimble players. Much of the revenue in this sector will simply evaporate as we collectively discover what a large portion of the current amount spent on IT is unnecessary.

The benefits will mostly accrue to the consumers of information systems, and those benefits will be proportional to the speed and completeness that they embrace the change.

The Data-Centric Revolution in a Nutshell

In the data-centric enterprise, data will be a permanent shared asset and applications will come and go. When your re-ordering system no longer satisfies your changing requirements, you will bring in a new one, and let the old one go. There will be no data conversion. All analytics that worked before will continue to work. User interfaces, names of fields, and code values will be similar enough that very little training will be required.

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