Greatest hits from the Data-Centric Manifesto

I was just reading through what some folks have written on the Data-Centric Manifesto web site. Thought I’d capture some of the more poignant:

“I believe [Linked] Data Centric approach is the way of the future. I am committing my company to assisting enterprises in their quest to Data-Centric transformation.” -Alex Jouravlev


“I have experienced first-hand in my former company the ravages of application-centric architectures. Development teams have rejected SQL-based solutions that performed 10 to 100 times better with less code and fewer resources, all because of application-centric dogma. Databases provide functional services, not just technical services – otherwise they’re not worth the money.” – Stew Ashton


“I use THE DATA-CENTRIC MANIFESTO as a mantra, a guide-line, a framework, an approach and a method, with which to add value as a consultant to large enterprises.” -Mark Besaans


“A data-centric approach will finally allow IT to really support the way we think and work instead of forcing us to think in capabilities of an application.” -Mark Schenk


“The principles of a data-centric approach would seem obvious, but the proliferation of application-centric implementations continues. Recognizing the difference is critical to positive change, and the benefits organizations want and need.” -Kim L Hoover

Data-centric is a major departure from the current application-centric approach to systems development and management. Migration to the data-centric approach will not happen by itself. It needs champions. If you’re ready to consider the possibility that systems could be more than an order of magnitude cheaper and more flexible, then become a signatory of the Data-Centric Manifesto.

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