Field Report from the First Annual Data-Centric Architecture Conference

Our Data-Centric Architecture conference a couple weeks ago was pretty incredible. I don’t think I’ve ever participated in a single intense, productive conversation with 20 people that lasted 2 1/2 days, with hardly a let up. Great energy, very balanced participation.

And I echo Mark Wallace’s succinct summary on LinkedIn.

I think one thing all the participants agreed on was that it wasn’t a conference, or at least not a conference in the usual sense. I think going forward we will call it the Data-centric Architecture Forum. Seems more fitting.

My summary take away was:

  1. This is an essential pursuit.
  2. There is nothing that anyone in the group (and this is a group with a lot of coverage) knows of that does what a Data-Centric Architecture has to do, out of the box.
  3. We think we have identified the key components. Some of them are difficult and have many design options that are still open, but no aspect of this is beyond the reach of competent developers, and none of the components are even that big or difficult.
  4. The straw-man held up pretty well. It seemed to work pretty well as a communication device. We have a few proposed changes.
  5. We all learned a great deal in the process.

A couple of immediate next steps:

  1. Hold the date, and save some money: We’re doing this again next year Feb 3-5, $225 if you register by April 15th:
  2. The theme of next year’s forum will be experience reports on attempting to implement portions of the architecture.
  3. We are going to pull together a summary of points made and changes to the straw-man.
  4. I am going to begin in earnest on a book covering the material covered.

Field Report by Dave McComb

Join us next year!

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