Designing & Building Business Ontologies

Atlanta, GA | April 8-11, 2019

A “Business Ontology” defines a common set of unambiguous concepts, that are central to your business. Getting everyone on the same page improves search and facilitates harmonization of data repositories. Complexity is greatly reduced, allowing for more flexible evolution of enterprise systems.

Data-centric Architecture Forum

Fort Collins, CO | February 3-5, 2020

February 2019 we hosted the inaugural Data-Centric Conference where we started a profound conversation about the exploding costs of enterprise systems, discussed strategies to reverse the application-centric mindset, and committed to move the needle in the right direction forging data-centric projects going forward. We are very pleased to announce we'll do this again February 2020 as the Data-centric Architecture Forum. The theme of next year's forum will be experience reports on attempting to implement portions of the architecture.Join us and our mission to get more people involved and skilled in data-centricity.

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