Telecom Frameworx Model: Simplified with “gist”

We recently recast large portions of the telecom Frameworx Information Model into an Enterprise Ontology using patterns and reusable parts of the gist upper ontology.  We found that extendingTelecom Frameworx Model: Simplified with “gist” gist with the information content of the Frameworx model yields a simple telecom model that is easy to manage, federate, and extend, as described below.  Realizing accelerating time to market along with simplifying for cognitive consumption being typical barriers for success within the telecom industry, we’re certain this will help overcome a few hurdles to expediting adoption.

The telecommunications industry has made a substantial investment to define the Frameworx Information Model (TMF SID), an Enterprise-wide information model commonly implemented in a relational data base, as described in the GB922 User’s Guide.

Almost half of the GB922 User’s Guide is dedicated to discussing how to translate the Information Model to a Logical Model, and then translate the Logical Model to a Physical Model. With gist and our semantic knowledge graph approach, these transformations were no longer required. The simple semantic model and the data itself are linked together and co-exist in a triple-store data base without requiring transformations.

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Semantic Arts, co-produced by Phil Blackwood and Dave McComb

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