Linked Data Platform

The Linked Data Platform has achieved W3C recommendation status (which is pretty much acceptance as a standard) Linked Data Platform .  There are some good hints in LDP Primer and LDP Best Practices .

This is the executive two paragraph treatment, to get you at least conversant with the topic.

Basically, LDP says if you treat everything like a container, and use the ldp:contains relationship to the things in the container, then the platform can treat everything consistently.  This gives us a RESTful interface onto a rdf database.  You can read from it and write to it, as long as there is a way to map your ontology to Containers and ldp:contains relationships.

Say you have a bunch of inventory related data.  You could declare that there is an Inventory container, and the connection between the Inventory Container and the Warehouses might be based on the hasStockkeeping locations.  Each Warehouse in turn could be cast as a Container and the contains relationship could point to the CatalogItems.

A promising way of getting a RESTful interface on a triple store.

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