What does Wi-Fi stand for?

I was sitting on the plane yesterday and a kid was asking his father what Wi-Fi stood for. The father stammers, uhh “wireless… ,“ after a pause the kid asks “wireless – fireless?” (which I thought was a pretty good answer). So my first reaction was to jump in and answer, but then I thought for a moment: yeah, what does it stand for?

Bothered me for a while (not enough to pay $6.99 on the plane, but it was bugging me).

So today I looked it up. It’s not an acronym. It’s a brand! Yeah. http://www.buzzfeed.com/jessicamisener/what-does-wi-fi-stand-for#.drQ7NwABg

Phil Belanger, a member of the Wi-Fi Alliance, said it was to sound a bit like “hi-fi” as in stereo, but it doesn’t stand for “wireless fidelity”.

By the way, in US we pronounce wi-fi to rhyme with hi-fi which we pronounce why-fie. In Europe they pronounce wi-fi “weefee,” do they pronounce hi-if “heefee?”

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